10 Foundations that Give Grants to Nonprofit Organizations

You can be rest assured that among these 10 foundations that give grants to nonprofit organizations you are bound to find suitable resources.

Even though in today’s world the differences between the rich and the poor are very much pronounced, there is still some good in the world. Due to the global ease when it comes to obtaining information, sometimes we are persuaded to believe there is too much evil in the world and that people don’t care about one another. The news are filled with horrific headlines telling us about disasters, murders, wars, scams, and all other wrongdoings of the human race. However, we feel hopeful our list of foundations will persuade you people still care about each other and that generosity is not a myth. We will be discussing organizations that provide funds for nonprofits, but some of them are foundations that give grants to individuals, too.

10 Foundations that Give Grants to Nonprofit Organizations

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Also, now would be a good time to mention that some of the foundations require for a nonprofit to have a 501(c)(3) status in the US. That would mean the organization is tax-free and charitable. If you are just starting one, consult with Foundation Group to check if you have what it takes to be tax-exempt by the IRS.

If you belong to or run a nonprofit organization, you already know how hard it can be to collect enough funds. PrattLibrary gives excellent advice, especially if you are based in the US. Also, Love to Know gives extensive tips on how to apply for a grant. To put it in a nutshell, you can do research at Foundation Centre and find the most suitable there, plus get emails about new sponsors. But why are you reading this article then? Well, because you should pay a fee to access their data. When asking for a grant, it is essential to present your budget, i.e. the money you are asking for, in a detailed and clear way. All foundations have a careful process of choosing the most worthy nonprofits, and you must make sure your expenses are absolutely inevitable and perfectly justified. In addition, you must keep your proposal within the word limit stated, and respect deadlines. For this reason, some nonprofits hire grant writing consultants. Should you have some qualms about writing to corporate foundations as an organization (a charitable foundation which is made to distribute part of the company’s profit to non-profit organizations), feel free to explore our article about 10 Biggest Philanthropists Who Give to Individuals. Perhaps they can be of some help to reach your goals.

Now that we have briefly introduced you to the grant funding process, we are going to explain how we selected the foundations. We searched for the most notable corporate foundations at Love to Know, Inside PhilanthropyNonProfitExpert for international foundations, and Fortune to see which ones are renowned for being the most generous in the world, along with Foundation Directory Online for even more suggestions. This article isn’t based on a specific criterion such as the one mentioned, i.e. the highest amounts given or grant money available for non-profit organizations, or the most popular ones, but the selection process wasn’t completely random either. We tried to present you with foundations giving international grants for nonprofits, which means that they cover all the continents and they can help you wherever you are. Secondly, we enlisted some organizations that cater to the needs of less popular nonprofits, such as rural ones. Admit it, most nonprofitable organizations you have heard of are dedicated to poverty, diseases or human rights. As usual, we strive on originality when offering you our lists. The majority are corporate foundations, with the exception of one private foundation giving grants for nonprofits. They are listed in no particular order, i.e. the last one isn’t less important than the first. It’s up to you to decide which one is the most suitable for your situation.

Feel free to find your favorite among these 10 foundations that give grants to nonprofit organizations and write to them as soon as possible.