10 Easiest States to Get a Divorce in America

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The 10 easiest states to get a divorce in America are your best options to escape from a suffering marriage. The rate of divorce in the US is increasing.  In 2005, estimates suggested that one out of every five marriages would end up in divorce within just five years. The divorce rates in 2005 were an astronomical four times greater than the divorce rates 50 years ago. Estimates suggest that most marriages that end in divorce last around 8 years on average.

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Now that divorce is so prevalent in society, it doesn’t hurt to know which states make filing for divorce an easy affair as compared to the nasty, horrid event that it usually is, as evident in the 11 most expensive divorce settlements in the world. Of course, one could argue that making divorce easier may also be one of the reasons for the high rate of divorce.

This is why we decided to rank the 10 easiest states to get a divorce in America. To achieve this, we used DivorceLaws to be able to figure out the states that had the lowest divorce filing fees as well as the states that are easiest to file for divorce. This was determined by a number of factors that include the filing fees as well as the divorce waiting period. Furthermore, we also used Bloomberg’s ranking of the states to further refine our ranking. Bloomberg’s ranking was based on a number of factors as well, such as court filing fees, a minimum period of separation, a minimum length of residency and the least number of days for the whole divorce process.

Now, let’s see those easiest states to get a divorce in America, starting with number 10:

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