11 Most Expensive Divorce Settlements in the World

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Before saying yes to a marriage proposal, it may be prudent to read about 11 most expensive divorce settlements in the world. After all, they also thought it will last forever before the whole thing took a nasty turn and ended in tears and a lot of money changing hands. One other thing these 11 couples have in common is that none of them had a pre-nap agreement.

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Divorce is usually a very messy business, especially when children and a lot of money are involved. Somehow, in these high profile settlements, the accent is always on the money and not so much on the children, who usually stay with their mothers. To be honest, media are more to blame for this. Few things tickle their attention more than a nice multimillion divorce settlement. There are other examples as well, though. For instance, When Michael Jordan divorced his wife Juanita, they walked out of the courtroom hand in hand and went to watch their son’s basketball game together.

One of the biggest shockers in history of divorce settlements was delivered by a Genève court in 2014 when they ordered Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev to pay staggering $4.5 billion settlement to his, now former, wife Elena. A collective tremor shook rich men around the globe upon hearing about the judge’s decision. Fortunately for Rybolovlev, his lawyers managed to reduce the sum to a mere $562 million after the appeal. The proceedings are still not over, so Mr. and Mrs. Rybolovlev aren’t included in our list, but for a moment there, it seems that they would set a record that would be very hard to beat. Once the settlements papers have been signed, this divorce would surely have its place among the most expensive ones in the world.

Others on our list weren’t so lucky, judged by the sums they had to pay to their ex-spouses. Expensive divorce settlements measured in hundreds of millions have left them reeling. Truth be told, some of them had it coming, due to their extra marital activities. Others were cheated upon, and some had the misfortune of their wives reading our list of the best colleges to find a good husband. Regardless of the reason, huge amounts of money they paid in their divorce settlements have earned them a spot on our list.

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