10 Easiest Road Test Sites in NY and NJ

If you want to be sure that you will pass your driving test, check out some of the easiest road test sites in NY and NJ. But be sure that you also practice on some more challenging parts for the sake of your future driving.

Even before starting a driving school, you might ask yourself is the NJ (or NY) road test hard? Most of the time driving on the road isn’t the worst thing you will have to do during the test, of course, apart from all the traffic, traffic lights, traffic rules, pedestrians, and God knows what. There are is also parking, and even worse, parallel parking, which shouldn’t be a problem for you if you have learned how to drive.

10 Easiest Road Test Sites in NY and NJ

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On the other hand, since we are here, we will go through some of the easiest road tests in NY and NJ to make things somewhat easier. Now, first, you should get insight in the NY and NJ road test locations. Looking at them, some of the easiest road tests in NJ seem to be Rahway road test and Baker Basin road test, but are they really? We will find this out further on our list.

Before we get on to it, we should note that we are aware that some of you are are looking to get a license in order to get hired as there are many well-paid driving involved jobs. If this is your case then don’t look for the easiest road tests, look for the most difficult ones instead. Come to think of it, you should all avoid the easiest road tests and really focus on learning how to drive well, as driving is not just a fun activity, it is a dangerous one. But we are not here to give you lectures, we are here to help you find the things you are looking for. Aside for the easiest road test we have 8 Highest Paying Countries for Truck Drivers for those of you who want to be professional drivers.

Now back on the test roads, what better advice could we get for the easiest road test sites in NY and NJ than by the drivers themselves who passed them in the driving schools? That is why we searched for answers for NY and NJ road tests on Reddit, NYC transit forums and Quora. There we have also gotten some NY and NJ road test tips, so if you are interested, go through them as well.

Since the easiest road is rather a matter of subjectivity (and not to mention stress, anxiety, and other confusions you will have while driving the test road) we arranged our list by the test roads mentioned the most by the drivers. Therefore you might not agree with some of the suggestions below, but according to those passing/failing tests on them they seem to be the least busy, and some of them have closed routes which makes things even easier. If you still find these hard, you might turn to some other place and look for 7 Easiest Online Traffic Schools in California, for example.

Anyway, if only passing is the most important thing for you now, go through some of the easiest road test sites in NY and NJ: