10 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing

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Freddie Mercury might be one of the greatest singers to grace the Earth, but these 10 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing are ones that can help even an amateur singer tackle a Queen song! There’s no doubt that Mercury’s vocals are one of the greatest of all time and some Queen songs have modulations and notes that make even the seasoned singers nervous. But if you are gearing up for that Karaoke Night and Queen happens to be your most favorite band, our list is where you can take your pick from. 

According to your voice, style, or level of singing – these songs are easy enough to nail for most of us. Some are even suited for female singers. Though there’s also our list of 17 good pop rock audition songs for female singers for all our girl rock-stars out there! 

Most Popular Rock Songs of All Time

Ever since their breakthrough in 1970, Queen has been set apart from the rock-stars of their era owing to their operatic style of singing and theatrical stage performances.The British rock band are legends in their own rights, and have not only best-selling albums under their credit but also monumental songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You” that have stood the test of time! So, what’s a better way to steal the show at a party or a stage show, other than picking up a Queen song?

One of the best selling artists of all time, Queen definitely has a huge list of hits that you can take your pick from. But, the songs are often too technical with numerous changes, that make it difficult for beginners to sing. Even easy songs are more suited to some voices than others. Therefore, to choose a song it is more important to decide on your level and style of singing. Some songs are better suited to male voices, which females may find harder at a low range. There are also certain songs, which might be suitable for females with a low voice range, so you really need to decide first which category of voice and song you fall in to pick the perfect song. We have also previously written about the 15 Best Karaoke Songs For Women With Low Voices that might you might want to check for that specific need! 

Luckily, Mercury had a versatile voice, and some of the Queen songs are actually at a range that are more suitable for Female singers also. It is also important to pick a song that is popular to lure the audience in, and it is more likely for the audience to enjoy a performance when they are familiar with a song. 

To arrive at our list we have rated each song according to their level of difficulty from the highest to lowest. For this we have paid heed to some of the popular opinion on trusted threads on Quora Reddit and Queen fan forum Queenzone. We further scored this list on the basis of the popularity of the Queen songs.  We found Billboard and Paste have some brilliant picks of Queen songs! This is how we arrived at our list of the 10 Easiest Queen Songs to Sing which are the most popular picks that could definitely turn you into the life of that Queen Tribute Karaoke Night! 

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