10 Easiest Popular Songs to Play on Piano

If you’ve got a piano but are finding it too hard to play, the 10 easiest popular songs to play on piano will definitely change your mind! For me, the piano is probably the best musical instrument out there. I mean, for most other instruments, barring maybe the electric guitar, playing that instrument alone does not quite provide the experience that playing a piano does. You can compose the most beautiful melodies in the world, that can actually take you places! However, this is also the reason why the piano is considered to be one of the hardest instruments to play properly. It is easier to learn playing a guitar, but it is more rewarding to learn playing a piano.

It can be very easy to give up learning to play the piano, which is why I’ve always believed it is better to start off with easy popular songs to play on piano. I’m still an amateur in this skill, but I can recount the countless times I was ready to give up, because I just couldn’t learn the music as fast as I thought I should have been able to. And while listening to piano instrumentals may make them appear daunting, they can actually be quite easy to learn. If you want to learn more about easy piano songs that sound complicated, that are actually easy to learn, head on over to 16 easy piano songs which sound complicated.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

At the end of the day, no matter what the reason is behind trying to learn the piano, whether it’s to appear cool, or to find peace, or to simply rock out to some amazing songs and letting your creative juices flow, learning the 10 easiest popular songs to play on the piano will greatly help you in reaching your goals. In fact, nowadays, there are really easy YouTube tutorials available as well which make even the most difficult songs appear easy. But at the end of the day, learning easy songs to play on the keyboard isn’t your end goal. It will just instill you with the confidence required to be the best at what you do.

To determine the easiest songs one can learn on the piano, we scoured the web and settled on some excellent recommendations made by Merriammusic, TakeLessons and the ever reliable Quora. I tried playing most of the songs available on these websites and then determined the rankings based on how easy I found it to play them. So let’s start with my personalized recommendations!

10. Clocks

One of Coldplay’s most recognizable songs, every fan can identify the beginning of the song. While the riff is easy to learn, it is quite fast in the song, which makes it slightly harder to learn. I followed the advice given by Merriam Music in learning the song and first learnt to play it quite slowly before improving the speed.

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