16 Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated

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Most of us want to learn to play an instrument, but sometimes it’s hard to have patience to learn complex pieces of music, which is why this list of 16 easy piano songs that sound complicated is a great source.

I play a little bit of piano, but not enough to sit there and play an intricate jazz piece without wanting to tear off my legs. I think pianos are cool, though, and I’d love to be able to play something super complicated and impress all the people around me. My life could be like Glee. I could be Brad who’s always coming in the clutch to play whatever song Santana wants. That’s really all I’d want to know how to play the piano well for.

easy piano songs that sound complicated


If you’re new to the piano, you probably have other priorities, which is why you’re checking out this list. You probably want to impress your friends without a ton of work (relatable content). There are plenty of songs out there that are easy to play even though they sound like they’re hard. We came up with a dazzling selection from some trusted sources: TakeLessons, ListVerse, and Quora. If you’re determined, you’ll have no problem mastering this list.

For those not quite familiar with sheet music or piano keys yet, take a look at our list of 10 Popular Piano Songs For Beginners With Letters. There are a lot of great songs on that list, but for those of you who want something a little more challenging, keep reading to find out 16 easy piano songs that sound complicated.

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