10 Easiest Northwestern Schools to Get into in 2019

Having Northwestern among the most competitive universities with low acceptance rates, we decided to find out what are the easiest Northwestern schools to get into in 2019.

Each year it is getting harder to get into some of the Northwestern schools. This is for several reasons. First, the university’s reputation is increasing. Hence, the number of interested people applying for certain programs is rising, and the number of places available at Northwestern cannot sustain this. And therefore, the acceptance rate decreases. At this point, it is around 9%. Of course, it is still not among the hardest colleges to get into in the world according to the acceptance rate. Among these are Harvard, Stanford and MIT, as usual, and interestingly, NYU Abu Dhabi as well (with the acceptance rate around 2%).

For those of you who don’t even know what they want to study, let alone at which university, we have prepared 16 Easiest College Majors that Make the Most Money. In this article you will find our recommendations for the easiest fields of study, that will, in the end, allow you to have a good money earning job.

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Back to our topic today – of the hardest colleges to get into in 2018, Northwestern didn’t take any of the top places, which, according to college acceptance rates for 2018, were reserved for Curtis Institute of Music, Stanford, Harvard, and Yale. Luckily, Northwestern isn’t among the colleges with the hardest workload as well. According to students themselves, some of the most demanding universities are Reed College, MIT, Swarthmore College, and the University of Chicago. We could also add here Harvard, Yale and Stanford among the hardest colleges to get good grades.

Now, we’ll discuss one important issue about education – the money. Education in the US is expensive. It doesn’t surprise much, since some of the mentioned colleges are among the best in the world. But we all know that people are in huge debts years after they finish college. However, education is something that should probably be available to everyone (though it is a disputable thing), and some countries did take care of that, which especially affects foreign students. Concerning this, we have made a research on 11 Countries with Free College for International Students, so if you are looking for free colleges around the world, the mentioned list should be very useful to you.

In order to find the easiest Northwestern schools to get into in 2019, we searched acceptance rates for each of the schools individually. The source where we found acceptance rates for some schools is Peterson’s, and according to their information, we ranked our schools today. We also included students’ opinions from places such as College Confidential. Now, there are only 12 schools in Northwestern, so we hope to have arranged the 10 easiest Northwestern schools to get into in 2019 nicely. But please, take the “easiest school” with a grain of salt in this case.