10 Easiest Mountains to Climb in USA

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These 10 easiest mountains to climb in USA should be a part of every mountain climbing beginner’s guide! If you’re thinking how to start mountain climbing and wondering which mountain is the easiest to climb, breathe a sigh of relief because we’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is it that drives people to climb mountains anyway? Is it a sense of adventure, or love for nature? Perhaps a bit of both? It seems there is a bit of an explorer in each of us thinking about mountain climbing. A trail takes you places with breath-taking views, lush nature and an occasional glimpse of a squirrel or a deer. Then there’s the pride you feel once you reach your destination after a tiring, but pleasant climb. Don’t worry about the equipment here. For most of these beauties, you’ll need nothing more than a pair of good walking boots, a stick, and some endurance. They’re just perfect for non technical mountain climbs. That means a climbing process is defined rather as hiking to the top.

Easiest Mountains to Climb in USA


What are the best mountains to climb? We would dare to say they’re the ones that match your strength and aspirations. There are plenty of wonderful views and treks out there, and different people have different preferences. Some like it rocky and steep, while others prefer greenery and streams. Some like it hot, while others like snow covered peaks. It’s usually hard to find an easy mountain to climb in early spring due to snow and ice, but maybe the best mountains to climb in March are Mount Everest and Ojos del Salado (Chile and Argentina) if you’re an experienced climber, of course. Actually, Mt Everest is one of the most crowded and most dangerous mountains in the world. As for what is the least climbed mountain, that’s probably a mountain in Bhutan. From 2014 Gangkhar Puensum was back on the list of prohibited mountains. Partially because it’s on the border with China, and partially because of the spiritual beliefs of the Bhutanese. A forbidden fruit for mountain climbers.

But let’s discuss now how we constructed our list. It seems there is no unanimous opinion on which US mountains are easiest to climb, i.e., different sources offer suggestions that don’t match. Therefore, the only thing to be done was to analyze the mountains recommended as easy or low intermediate mountains to climb. We checked the National Geographic, Atlas and Boots, Summit PostThe Guardian, and Men’s Fitness. Mount Whitney is usually listed as one of the best mountains to climb in the world for beginners, but we wouldn’t go there. You need at least two days to get to the peak, and it’s much more challenging than it seems at first sight. Also, the insanely popular Half Dome (there’s an application form lottery to get the permit) isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a granite rock in its essence, and you have to have a head for heights if you are to take on this challenge. The mountains on our list aren’t described as unsafe or demanding you have no issues with altitude. They’re ranked according to their height. You need to be moderately fit to conquer most of them. And who knows, perhaps some day you’ll be going to Pikes Peak to climb! This Colorado Springs mountain requires an exhausting three-day ascent. Even though its length is 13.5 miles, it actually feels like 20 miles due to the rough terrain.

If by any chance you are addicted to adrenaline and like adventure, read about 16 scariest, deadliest rivers in the world.

Finally, let’s go back to 10 easiest mountains to climb in USA for starters, and one day you could set off on a higher and riskier adventure. The list is random.

10. Mauna Kea

Location: Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Elevation: 13,796 ft / 4,205 m

If you like having beaches in the nearby and combining highs with the lows, go to Mauna Kea. It’s the tallest Hawaiian mountain, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Rather than having one peak, we could say it has several tops. Humu’ula Trail is what we would recommend. This is more or less the highest mountain you can walk up.

Easiest Mountains to Climb in USA

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