10 Easiest Fast Food Jobs to Get in America

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re searching for an easy, fast food job with decent pay, check out our list of 10 easiest fast food jobs to get in America.

There are many fast food chains in America where you can get a job easily if you have enough skills and the proper work attitude. Working in the fast food industry isn’t always seen as the most glamorous job, but if you’re on the hunt for the best fast food to work for 2017, we’ve got you covered. Chain fast food restaurants always offer food service workers more benefits and advantages in pay than smaller, independent fast food shops. America has the best fast food companies in the whole world in numbers as well as quality, and they often offer entry level, “easy” jobs for newcomers. If you want to stay in a fast food company for a long time, there are many fast food employee benefits as well. Many fast food chains offer benefit packages for their employees like health and medical. To get more benefits you have to learn how to be the best fast food employee and climb the ladder, which is definitely possible with companies like McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza.

10 Easiest Fast Food Jobs to Get in America


In the world today, there is no place for losers, and you have to work hard to be the best. If you are also wondering how much fast food workers make a year, keep reading our article and we’ll provide some answers on that as well. There are many high paying food jobs as Americans love fast foods and there are lots of companies with thousands of branches, but when it comes to the company workers, the goodwill flips faster than a greasy burger. So, you have to choose your job wisely. You can learn more about pay in the article on highest paying fast food jobs in 2017.

All the jobs provided by many fast food chains are not that easy. Working in some fast food chains going to be hard work with little pay. Most fast food places won’t let you pick your preferred position as to whether you want to be a cashier or a cook, but you have to start somewhere. They will typically train you for whatever job is available, but after a while, you might get to learn other jobs. Then you can find the best fast food chains to work for and to get a better salary. If you’re a people’s person, being a cashier would be a good option. If people just aren’t your thing, then perhaps you should look into being a cook, but being a grill cook isn’t as easy as it sounds. The food itself is easy to cook; it’s just hard to keep up with lots of orders at once.

According to company employee reviews on various sites like Glassdoor, some fast food companies are way better to work at than others. You can find detailed information about this in our list of 13 Best Fast Food Chains to Work for in 2017To make the list of easiest fast food jobs to get in America, we relied on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google, to determine what are the biggest fast food chains in America. We then searched for the companies that have the largest number of branches across the country. To see which fast food chains have the most stores, we used the geographic research company Esri. Typically, the larger a company, the more job vacancy they will have and will be willing to accept employees with little experience. Fast food brands are opening branches in every corner of the U.S., so you have a better chance to get a job in a bigger company, pretty easily. However, we did not focus on fast food manager jobs as our main concern was to focus on entry level jobs which are easiest to get.

Let’s get right into our list of the 10 easiest fast food jobs to get in America.