10 Easiest Countries to Get Laid for an Indian

What chances for one-night stands Indian men have, and which are the easiest countries to get laid for an Indian? Let’s find out.

Getting laid outside India gets a lot harder for an Indian guy compared to, say, average white man. However, even the situation in India is not as cheerful either. Indian men (and women) have generally much less sex than Westerners. It is mostly due to social and cultural education, and traditions which still impose forced marriages in this country.

10 Easiest Countries to Get Laid for an Indian

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India is a place where Kamasutra originates from, so how come the country is so strictly stigmatizing free sex nowadays, and finding the easiest girls in India is mission impossible? As India was becoming a very conservative society throughout the centuries, under the influences of both Muslim and Christian values, Indian views of sex have changed since the times of Kamasutra. However, nowadays sex is getting more and more out of the taboo sphere. Although, compared to the Western countries, it would take more time to get to the level of such sexual liberty.

So the situation is not that bright for Indian guys when it comes to the easiest countries to get laid for an Indian. In predominantly white countries, many racial and cultural differences would make getting laid much harder. For this, it might be interesting to see what are the 10 Hardest Countries to Get Laid in the World.

However, on the matter of the easiest countries to get laid in the world, it seems that countries of South Africa and South America are in the first places. The graphic representation of this, on the basis of “easiness of girls”, can be seen on the easiest countries to get laid map. And when it comes to Europe, having in mind the best countries for one night stands, we made a list of 10 Easiest European Countries to Get Laid – One Night Stand Countries you might be interested to go through.

However, both for the easiest country to get laid in Europe, and elsewhere, the situation will not be the same for white men and Indian men, as we have noted. Picking up the best place for Indian to get laid is rather a tough task.

For the sake of getting to know better in which countries, Indians could get laid the easiest, we searched in many places, most of them being forums, where there were direct experiences of people. Some of these included SoSuave, and RooshV forum, to name only a few. There was no unequivocal advice, where an Indian would get a 100% chance of getting laid. On the contrary, there were often opposed opinions on this delicate issue. Nevertheless, we hope to have picked up the places most of the people agreed upon.

Getting laid for an Indian in a foreign country depends on many factors. These include looks, approaches to women (where cultural differences should not be neglected), prejudice, among the most important ones. But, don’t get too discouraged, and try your luck in some of the easiest countries to get laid for an Indian: