10 Easiest European Countries to Get Laid – Top One Night Stand Countries

Here is a good reminder of the easiest European countries to get laid – top one night stand countries in case you are planning a vacation in this part of the world any time sooner.

Should we start off with the hardest countries to get laid? Just to eliminate some, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other radically Muslim countries are at the top, for sure, but interestingly some European countries such as Hungary as well (you can see the selection of 10 Hardest Countries to Get Laid in the World we have made). Since we are interested in the top one-night stand countries, we will surely not go into the matter of the best countries to find a girlfriend, further more we already got you covered for that search as well with our 17 Easiest, Best Countries to Find a Girlfriend.

10 Easiest European Countries to Get Laid - Top One Night Stand Countries


Now, just for fun, when you look up for the “easiest countries to get laid on the map” there are a lot of different displays. Among the reasons for this are settled stereotypes for certain countries concerning this subject. There are some interesting representations, based on “easiness of girls by country” for example, where among the easiest we see sub-Saharan Africa, followed by “easy” Eastern European and South American girls. But, obviously, a reliable study cannot be done on this issue to make a realistic graphic representation. However, we have done some research on this issue (not including maps), where you can see some of the 10 Easiest Countries to Get Laid in the World.

Choosing the best vacation spots to get laid won’t be the same task for everyone. The easiest country to get laid for an Indian, for example, would include Malaysia, Thailand or Pakistan. But if you are an American, the case is a bit different, and your focus should be on European countries like Ukraine, Sweden, or Russia. But let’s not go too far from today’s topic, you can go alone through the whole list of 11 Best Countries for American Tourists to Get Laid.

Let’s focus then on the best countries for one night stands. European, of course. We focused primarily on people’s opinions on forums and blogs, since there is no reliable source or method that can undoubtedly provide us with the precise figures on this matter. So, we included the search on the easiest countries to get laid on Reddit and Quora, and focusing particularly on the choice of European countries, we searched opinions on Rooshvforum. Ending up on our list were the countries on which the majority of the people from our resources agreed to be the easiest European countries to get laid.

Just to add one more thing, the best country for one night stands in Europe (or elsewhere) does not only depend on the country’s reputation on this issue, or the fact that people are liberal towards one night stands. Your personal approach, looks, and, sometimes money, play a great role in situations like these. So, give your best if you are traveling to some of these European countries to get laid: