10 Easiest and Fastest Car Rental Companies in the United States

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Love travelling but public transport not your thing? Lookout for the 10 easiest and fastest car rental companies in US that makes traveling across the country a breezy affair. If your road trip around the States has been put off due to the pandemic, and you are finally trying to make it work before the year ends –  a renting car service might seem like a good idea. In general, not only does it offer the flexibility of not having to take your own car along, but also saves you up on a lot of time and efforts in terms of planning and much less liabilities and risks of damage. There’s no doubt that car rentals make you trip way more comfortable, but especially amidst the pandemic, it might be your best bet!

Car rentals have always been in demand due to the ease of being able to switch to flights between destinations. Airport pick-ups have been one of the most useful features of rental services. It comes with no extra hassle of having to wait for a taxi or bus, and not having to figure out difficult bus routes or pay way more when you are taking taxis between each stop you make. It also always comes with the flexibility of having the car with you and not spending minutes waiting for your app car service to pick you up.

This makes rentals one of the preferred modes not only when traveling within America but also in other parts of the world. Even in the destination airports where there is a high rate of arrival traffic, one can get in touch with a car rental company and they are ready to provide good conditioned cars for a smooth travel experience. Even if you are visiting the 26 Most Visited Countries with the Highest Tourist Arrivals in the World, expect to find a good car rental company with just a little bit of research.


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With the borders slowly opening up, travelers are starting to resume their journeys. However, most of them are looking to do so with utmost caution and safety measures in place. Considering the situation, car rentals have emerged as the safest means of transport and are being preferred over any other modes. Travelers are leaning more towards hiring cars over airplane travel as industry practice of safety is much more reassuring. Rental companies are taking to rigorous measures to keep cars virus free and clean after use by customers, observing utmost safety for following customers.

As traveler preferences shift, it is also observed that even with COVID-19 significantly impacting the car rental industry, the industry is set to bounce back remarkably. According to market reports, the market is expected see a growth rate of 7.4% between 2020 and 2027, and is predicted to account for  USD 167.69 billion globally.

However, even though the recovery rate is expected to be fast, the Rental car services industry hasn’t been entirely protected from the COVID impact. In fact, the past several months, as travel industry on a whole took the biggest hit, the car rental industry has also seen several negative newes. Several companies have faced the brunt and are on the verge of bankruptcy. Hertz Global Holdings (NYSE:HTZ), one of the market leaders and already in bankruptcy, has recently announced of securing commitments for debtor-in-possession (“DIP”) financing for $1.65 billion. The company has filed a motion for approval of the financing by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Some of the companies we listed below may go bankrupt, but will probably re-emerge from it after bondholders convert their bonds into equity stakes in these companies. By the way, we saw this recession coming at the end of February 2020 and published this article. Our subscribers avoided more than a 30% decline in the market. If you are interested in receiving timely updates, please subscribe below to our free newsletter:

While car rental services are fast becoming the popular choice for travelers, there a few things that you need to keep in mind before booking your ride. If you are planning to drive abroad, you will need an International Driver’s License and might need to look into some car insurance options. But even when you are driving around your home country, it is always advisable to go in with some research about the kind of roads you’d be driving in – there might be tolls and taxes applicable, the traffic conditions and whether or not there is parking available at the place of stay.

So, are you ready to hit the road again soon and looking to shortlist your safe car rental service? Well, we have done the hard work so you don’t have to. For our list of the Easiest and Fastest Car Rental Companies we have scanned through travel websites like SkyScanner and also specialized blogs such as Carrentals.deals and Appgrooves, to consolidate a solid list of car rental service companies which not only provide you a no-hassle renting approach, but also the quickest and safest services. To arrive at our list we ranked these car rental companies according to the number of recommendations and customer ratings they received on the websites. So, the highest recommended and top rated company appears at our No.1.

It is less likely to walk (or rather drive) into a bad experience with our recommendations of the Easiest and Fastest Car Rental Companies in US, and who knows, you might also bag yourself a good deal!

10. Advantage 

The Canadian owned car rental service is one of the most popular choices when going for car rentals in the US. With a few subsidiary branches under their belt, and a reliable fleet of cars – they can always be trusted as the car rental service of choice when traveling the States. 

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