10 Crazy Facts about China

We look at one of the greatest influences and oldest civilizations of the world in this list of 10 crazy facts about China. The most populated city in the world is definitely one of the most diverse cities as well. They continue to expand and change rapidly, and China has highly grown over the last few years in power and economy. What was once considered a sleeping giant, is now awake and moving. China has a very deep history. Their written text goes back thousands of years. Where some countries were just starting to discover tools and construction, China was well ahead establishing the strongest civilization in the East.

China was already foraying into studies and advancements the rest of the world didn’t know yet. They had seafaring, navigation, trading, commerce, production, war, firecrackers… you name it and China probably had something to do with it. This is especially true for neighboring countries as you’ll find old written documents that detail China being involved in introducing things like martial arts and medicine. Even now China still proves to be quite strong with most of the products of the world made in China.

What’s interesting about a large country like China is that there is always something crazy going on. They may even trump the 50 Facts about Japan you won’t Believe. What crazy thing is China up to lately? What differences do they have with the rest of the world? Let’s check the first of this list of 10:

10. Christianity

China is becoming one of the most Christian-filled countries in the world. The large populace of the country already boasts 80% Christianity and isn’t stopping growth anytime soon. By now China even has more Christians compared to countries like Italy. Many experts believe that it will eventually be the largest Christian population.

e X p o s e /Shutterstock.com

e X p o s e /Shutterstock.com