10 Cooking Classes in NYC for Kids

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It’s never too early to learn your way around the kitchen, and the skills can last you a lifetime, so help your kids discover an appreciation for cooking with this list of 10 cooking classes in NYC for kids. 

New York City may not seem like the most welcoming place in the world for kids as it is known for its nightlife, cuisine, fashion, and culture. Surprisingly, finding fun activities for little ones (including ones that their parents might enjoy taking part in too) is not as difficult as you might think in The Big Apple. If it isn’t known for anything else, New York City is known for its food. You can pretty much find any cuisine you’re looking for when it comes to New York’s thousands of restaurants. From legendary hot dogs and pretzels from sketchy street vendors, to halal delicacies and fusion tacos from food trucks, and even Michelin Star awarded high-end restaurants, there is something for everyone in this amazing city. But how can kids break into the food scene? By learning how to cook even simple dishes from a young age, kids can learn to love food and the processes that go into making it!

Parents, if you want to also learn a few skills in the kitchen, check out our list of 5 free or cheap cooking classes in Brooklyn.

 10 Cooking Classes in NYC For Kids

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Kids cooking classes are popping up all over the city and are a great, hands-on way to get children involved in nutrition. When coming up with our list of 10 cooking classes in NYC for kids, we consulted the Class Curious database, which is a great resource for finding and learning more about the wide variety of classes offered in and around New York City. After finding programs that cater to young cooks, we arranged them in our list in no particular order. 

Let’s get the pot stirring and learn about 10 cooking classes in NYC for kids.

10. Tiny Turnips Kitchen  

Location: Manhattan

Age: 3 and up

Tiny Turnips Kitchen will come to your kitchen to work with your child, teaching them the importance of nutrition, while teaching them to cook. They also strive to introduce new and fun (while still healthy) foods to those picky little eaters. They even provide market and grocery tours to introduce new recipes and foods to the parents of those little ones. Whether it’s an individual lesson, birthday party, or playdate, Tiny Turnips will have your child excited about cooking.

 10 Cooking Classes in NYC For Kids

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