5 Free or Cheap Cooking Classes in Brooklyn

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If you have dreams of becoming the next great chef, but are on a budget, check out this list of free or cheap cooking classes in Brooklyn.

Taking a cooking class in your spare time can be a great way to unwind and relax, while doing something productive. I have never taken a cooking class, but I think I would absolutely love learning how to cook in a social atmosphere. While I’m not the best cook I know (I would give that title to my mother), I can whip up a few simple dishes in the kitchen. Some of my go-to dishes are chicken curry with rice, pasta with homemade Alfredo sauce and baked salmon. It may sound kind of fancy, but it’s not. I still have a lot left to learn when it comes to cooking. Put it this way, it’s a good day if I don’t undercook or overcook chicken. Thankfully, I have my mom, who’s a great cook and baker, to call with a thousand questions anytime I’m attempting to try a new recipe. These days, there’s also Google and Youtube whenever you need to figure out how to measure, chop or cook something.

However, it can be a lot easier to have a knowledgeable person standing in the kitchen for to answer your questions and provide helpful tips. For this reason alone, cooking classes are a great investment if you are interested in learning how to cook. However, many cooking classes in New York City, really can feel like an investment because some of them are not cheap. Taking a few different types of cooking classes is definitely on my bucket list, now that I’ve moved to New York, but I don’t want to break the bank with one class. When it comes to food in this city, the options are endless and that reflects in the types of cooking classes you can find. Because of the wide range of class types offered, you can also find classes for a variety of budgets depending on what you want to learn and who you want to teach you.

If you’re less concerned about money and need a good place to start, take a look at our list of 7 Beginner Cooking Classes in Brooklyn.

To come up wth our list of free or cheap cooking classes in Brooklyn, we relied on our Class Curious database, as well as a Google search to find cooking classes offered in Brooklyn. While we couldn’t find any free cooking classes in Brooklyn, we came up with a small number that are cheaper than most in and around New York City. Once we determined what Brooklyn cooking classes are considered “cheap” (under $100 in our case), we ranked them by price.

Let’s get cookin’ and take a look at 5 free or cheap cooking classes in Brooklyn.

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