10 Countries with the Highest Rainfall

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If some parts of the world are dealing with drought and lack of rains, countries with the highest rainfall have the opposite problem – recurrent flooding. Rain has lots of benefits as water is needed by all crops, without which we wouldn’t be able to sustain or grow our population. However, some countries in the world get lots of rain, and I mean lots of it!

As you might notice in our list, countries with the highest rainfall are mostly tropical countries and are adjacent to large bodies of water like the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The rains are brought by the monsoons, which differ for every country. Some may have wet seasons from December to May while some have it from May to November. Most of the rains come during the rainy season for each country, and this enormous amount of rain usually brings with it problems, the biggest of which is flooding especially in low-lying areas. This may also explain why some of the 11 biggest rainforests in the world are located in some of these countries. It is also not a coincidence that the 10 countries with the highest rainfall are also home to most biodiverse ecosystems on our planet.

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To make this list, Insider Monkey searched the internet for precipitation and rainfall data for most countries. However, most of the countries either have insufficient data for the past years or do not have data at all. In this case, we used The World Bank’s precipitation data for 2014. 

And because most of these countries also have the best beaches in the world, feel free to take down notes and use this list of countries with the highest rainfall as a future reference to your vacation schedules!

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