10 Best Selling Products In Malaysia

Recently, there’s been an increase in imports and exports to Malaysia boosting the country’s economy, so we came up with a list of the 10 best selling products in Malaysia.

I’m no expert on economies, but I don’t mind a good shopping trip and every so often. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of traveling to a new destination (I’m usually thinking about cuisine and history), but I do enjoy shopping for unique items that I won’t find at home. In the future, I’d like to explore more countries in Asia. If you have a similar goals, you may be interested in some popular products people are buying in Malaysia. If Malaysia isn’t your thing, you can check out 11 cool stuff to buy in Japan.



According to the Global Agricultural Information Report, The Malaysian economy is influenced by agriculture and manufacturing industry. According to Says, Malaysian citizens spend 55% of their household incomes on food and household supplies, and utilities. In 2015, the greatest import (clocking in at 437,357 tons) was recorded for dairy products. Almost 50% of dairy in demand was milk, followed by the United States’ supply of infant milk powder, yogurt and several types of cheese. Fresh fruits were not far behind with 335,883 tons.

To compile our own list of 10 best selling products in Malaysia, we concentrated both on the brand and the most in-demand products according to Google Trends. We started out by consulting Instant Store for their list of best selling products in Malaysia and compared it to the data collected from online Malaysian shops like Alibaba and 11 Street, as well as hypermarkets like Tesco, and Sephora for cosmetics. With these tools, we managed to create a unique list of 10 best selling products in Malaysia, so let’s start counting.