10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Bangladesh

To know more about Bangladeshi lifestyle, knowing about these 10 best selling consumer products in Bangladesh would be a great first step.

Consumer products are the goods that are purchased by a customer for consumption. If you go to a shop, you can see all kinds of consumer items on store shelves like clothing, jewelry, food, footwear, etc. Bangladesh is the 8th largest populated country and the most populated country in the world. Bangladesh is one of the world’s next growth opportunities for big companies too. More than 2 million people join the middle-class consumer’s group every year in Bangladesh. The country is one of the greatest untapped growth consumer markets in Asia because it’s population density. Companies that are doing business or just moving here for businesses are doing very well too.

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has the largest shopping mall in South Asia, Jamuna Future Park, which is overflowing with different kinds of consumer shops and the outside is a shrine of posters and advertisements. Although the middle-class consumer in Bangladesh is still very small in number, this is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Bangladesh has more than 160 million people and growing along with the economy. If you are wondering from which country does Bangladesh import most, the answer is that most of the companies doing business in Bangladesh import items from India. The major import products of Bangladesh are mobile phones, electronic gadgets, jewelry, fashion items, motorbikes and cars, and apparel.

Does Bangladesh only import products? No. Bangladesh’s economy doesn’t only depend on imports but also exports. Now you’re probably wondering, what is the main export of Bangladesh? Garments products are the main export of Bangladesh. We have analyzed Bangladesh export import data, and we have also looked into the Bangladesh exports 2015 data. Then we came up with an answer. The major export products of Bangladesh are knitwear, agricultural products, frozen food, jute, and leather. Most of the Bangladeshi consumers are loyal to foreign brands. The percentage of middle-class people in Bangladesh is only 7%, but it is increasing as time goes. So, Bangladesh will be a good marketplace for foreign companies in a few years just like Brazil. Since we mentioned Brazil, you can also check the list of 10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Brazil to know more about their economy.

Bangladeshi consumers were not very likely to stay at home, but now according to a survey, 30% of Bangladeshi spend their time at home and order their products online. We reviewed the market research in Bangladesh from various national newspapers like Prothom-Alo and The Daily Star. We have also looked at the report of exports and imports data of Bangladesh. After all this, we gathered information from bcg.com and export.gov to create the list. We ranked the list according to products that had the highest sales growth last year.

We present you with the list of the 10 best selling consumer products in Bangladesh.