10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Brazil

We’ve collected all the best-selling consumer products in Brazil in one place, so stick with us and check out our list.

It seems that our shopping lists get longer and longer with all the new trends booming recently. Speaking as a woman, we need any excuse to shop and we will often spend more than we can afford to buy things that we absolutely don’t need. Why is that? Well, I guess that one of the many possible answers can be ascribed to our female nature and love for nice things, which I won’t even try to deny. But what really makes people rush into buying all sorts of unnecessary nicely wrapped things is actually marketing. No wonder we shop so much and end up penniless when companies invest a lot of money in marketing their products and making us want them. It’s not a matter of needing them at all, but in making us feel like we need them. When we see something appealing in the store that we don’t need, we will find a reason to buy it. It seems that hiring those marketing specialists really pays off. After all, we do live in a consumer society so no one can blame us.

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Brazil

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We wrote about the Best Selling Consumer Products in the UK earlier, and today we wanted to explore the market in Brazil to see what are their favorite consumer products. The Brazilian market has been heavily affected by the economic crisis which led to a decline in consumer spending. According to a research and the data we relied on when making this list, consumer spending declined about 5% during the last two years, and consumers are now struggling to find cheaper products and avoiding big purchases. They have adopted new shopping habits and they now buy only the essentials, things that are absolutely needed in every household. The weak economy has made it difficult for young individuals to find employment, while those who are employed find it impossible to save money.

Despite all this economic turmoil and overall weak economy, Brazilian consumers still remain faithful to their favorite products. Also, the number of consumers who shop online is increasing, and so they are now spending more on online shopping than they used to. Online shopping is much easier and convenient than going to a supermarket so this explains the higher number of online shoppers.

But not everything is so gray. According to the research, the Brazilian economy is on its way to recovering after two long years of recession, with GDP slowly rising to about 2.4% per year. This recovery is stated to have begun this year and should gain full speed in 2018. This recovery, however, will not change things overnight, and the consequences of the economic crisis will still be visible in weaker consumer demand. But every recovery needs time and gradually Brazil will overcome its financial difficulties.

We set out to determine what do consumers usually buy most in Brazil, and what are the best-selling products in this country. It is safe to say that the results surprised us a little considering the economic conditions we discussed earlier. Even though the average consumer in Brazil merely spends money on the essentials, the products that are absolutely necessary for the household, certain products remained popular despite the fact that they’re not so essential such as chocolate or expensive baby wipes. Consumers did adopt new shopping techniques but they simply couldn’t give up some things that we all love. We reviewed the results of a thorough market research on Euromonitor International and we compared products from various categories selecting those whose sales increased in the recent period.  While many of these consumer products record nothing but decline in sales in the past few years, some of them remain popular among consumers. Check out our list of 10 best-selling consumer products in Brazil.