10 Best Pasta Making Classes in NYC

If you’re a pasta fan and want to go through the effort of making the noodles yourself, you’ll benefit from checking out our list of 10 best pasta making classes in NYC.

I love pretty much everything about food. Most importantly, I love eating it, but I also love cooking it, depending on the day. I’m not a bad cook, but I just haven’t learned everything there is to know in the kitchen yet. Because I love food and love eating so much, I’m really working on the whole cooking thing. I eat all types of cuisine and think it would be really awesome to eventually know how to make dishes from all across the globe. One of my favorite cuisines is Italian, mainly because I really love pasta and pizza. However, nothing beats a homemade, fresh noodle. There really is no comparison between the boxed noodles and the and the homemade ones. When I visited Italy, I definitely did not get tired of the delicious pasta. Apparently, a lot of people never get tired of pasta, as is supported by this article of 11 countries that consume the most pasta. Pasta is also really versatile, so you really can’t go wrong with it.

If Italian food and pasta aren’t quite your thing, you might be interested in our list of 7 French cooking classes in NYC.

10 Best Pasta Making Classes in NYC


Since I really appreciate a well-made pasta, I think I would definitely benefit from a pasta making class, and luckily, there are lots to choose from in New York City. There’s also a lot to learn about pasta. While we typically equate pasta to Italy, according to Food Network, it was actually first consumed in China. And as it may seem like a simple food, the network points out that there are actually 600 different shapes of pasta made all over the world. That’s a lot of hard names of noodles to learn, but my personal favorites are penne and fusilli. I also prefer them in an Alfredo or vodka sauce, and have even managed to learn a from-scratch Alfredo recipe.

To come up with our list of best pasta making classes in NYC, we relied on sites like Yelp and Vimbly, to compile a list of classes focusing on pasta. There are so many courses in New York City that offer pasta-making, so we had to narrow our list down to just ten. While there are lots of options and different opinions as to which are the best classes, we ranked our list by the number of reviews and stars received on Yelp, so at the top of the list you will find the course with the highest amount of stars as well as reviews.

So, get your calendar out and start planning dates to attend some of the 10 best pasta making classes in NYC.