10 Best Online Mattress Companies and Websites

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The best online mattress companies and websites today offer a wide variety of mattresses and add-ons that can be customized for their customers. Mattresses have come a long way from humble coils and memory foams to complex, customizable and even intelligent structures. Nobody can deny the importance of having a good sound sleep. Studies prove the direct relationship between sleep and human performance. In fact, our days are defined by how we spend our nights.

A mattress serves the simple, yet important purpose of helping people sleep better. The quality of your sleep depends (amongst other things) primarily on the quality of the mattress you use. Imagine you return home after a long day of hard work and you get to lie on a bed that does not grant you much-needed relaxation, causing you to toss and turn in vain as you try to find a comfortable spot…frustrating, no? That highlights the importance of a good bed in our daily lives. If you’re interested in further reading on quality, affordable mattresses, be sure to check out the 7 highest rated mattresses under $1,000.

The demand for mattresses has been growing in recent years. Increasing consciousness concerning quality sleep, and rising demand from the housing, hospital and hotel industries has propelled demand in recent times. As such, the mattress industry is also witnessing a lot of consolidation and mergers. South African retailer Steinhoff International Holdings acquired Mattress Firm Holding Corp, (NASDAQ:MFRM), a retailer of mattresses and accessories in the U.S last September.

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Since mattresses do not offer much differentiation, manufacturers are trying to get an edge over their competition through different add ons. Select Comfort Corp.’s (NASDAQ:SCSS) new beds are designed to track your sleeping pattern and automatically adjust the comfort of the bed throughout the night. Pretty cool idea.

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Mattresses have been sold in a showroom for decades, but low pricing, free shipping and easy returns have attracted shoppers to begin shopping for them online. Today there are numerous websites that let shoppers state their preferences and buy mattresses online. Tempur Sealy International Inc (NYSE:TPX), one of the largest mattress companies in the U.S, has also decided to sell mattresses online to keep up with the competition, at prices ranging from $549-$999.

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Online purchases have made our lives much more convenient and hassle free. Who wouldn’t like shopping from the comfort of one’s home and avoid dealing with pushy salesmen? In addition, the ease of trying and returning stuff is icing on the cake (a necessary icing, else the cake would be far less sweet). But the 10 best online mattress companies and websites have taken this experience to a whole new level, since they save us from the awkward moment of trying out different mattresses at the store with the salesman leering at us. The cost is also less, and you don’t have to decide whether it is love at first night, since these online mattress companies generally grant a 100-night trial to their customers.

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