11 Most Successful, Entertaining Twitch Streamers

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Looking for the most successful, entertaining Twitch Streamers? Here is the right article for you!

No platform does live streaming quite as well a Twitch, where over 1.7 million unique broadcasters stream each month. The content varies, providing something for everyone. Gaining an audience that’s interested in watching live streams is difficult because of tough competition, but there are a few that have found popularity and risen to the top of the pack. The 11 most successful, entertaining Twitch streamers have a combination of a high number of followers and high number of channel views. The number of followers is how I ranked these streamers, though, since it more accurately reflects the amount of people likely watching regularly.

These individuals must be doing something right in order to have millions of people watching their streams and following. I pulled these stats from Social Blade, which measures success in a variety of ways, primarily by follower count. It also lists channel views and rates the quality of the channel. Additionally, this site provides stats on the top Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. Their details come from Gamepedia, which aggregates information about different types of online streamers.

Twitch is more than just a pastime for these successful streamers; the number of followers someone has could mean making money. Endorsing products can also be a source of income to anyone on this platform with a sizable follower base.

You’ll be able to see from this list that the primary focus on Twitch is gaming live streams. These are typically where the streamer plays a game and talks about it with the audience watching. These are also available on YouTube, but because it’s live on Twitch there must something a little bit more exciting about it. There’s a lot of interaction involved which helps build an audience.

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Now, let’s start with our countdown of the 11 most successful, entertaining Twitch streamers!


11. TSM_bjergsen

FOLLOWERS: 1,261,325

CHANNEL VIEWS: 81,773,847

TSM_bjergsen is a professional League of Legends player; therefore, most of his content is related to that. If you’re a fan of eSports like this one, you’ll love his streaming.

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