How Many Earths Can Fit In Jupiter and Jupiter’s Red Spot?

Did you ever wonder how many Earths can fit in Jupiter and Jupiter’s red spot? Or did I just hear you say why in the world does this matter? How does it affect my life in any way? Well, truth be told, it doesn’t. Knowing more about Jupiter is unlikely to have any significant impact on your life unless the girl you like has an unhealthy obsession with the planet. But it’s so cool to learn such facts!

Space is absolutely fascinating. I think the most amazing thing about space is how little we know about it. Since it is so incredibly vast, we still haven’t come close to exploring even one percent. It’s amazing to think about a never ending expanse where everything is silent since sound can’t travel.

While we consider Earth to be huge, host to over 7 billion people, it is actually a dot in our galaxy. There could be thousands of galaxies in our universe. If you are interested in more on this topic, don’t miss reading about the 10 Biggest Galaxies in the Universe. Nevertheless, there could be an infinite number of universes as well. These facts really emphasize how insignificant we are. Earth isn’t even the largest planet in our solar system. That accolade belongs to Jupiter. But, let’s try to find an answer to how many Earths can fit in Jupiter and Jupiter’s red spot?