10 Best Hotel Rewards Program For Business Travelers

The 10 best hotel rewards program for business travelers have been designed with travelers’ preferences in mind, granting them convenience and comfort. Travelling has become a necessary part of life for many, with a large number of people traveling both domestically and internationally for both work and leisure. As such, many hotels and resorts offer reward programs for travelers in order to attract them and build long-term relationships with them. According to a study by Market Metrix, hotel loyalty programs have become one of the most important factors to consider when booking a hotel.

Hotel rewards programs have continually evolved over the past few years to become more sophisticated and desirable. Free internet and Wi-Fi as rewards are a thing of the past, as modern day hotel rewards now include free airline miles, room upgrades and free nights. With changing customer preferences, hoteliers keep upgrading their programs in light of the latest industry trends and the feverish competition. Business travelers today account for a large portion of the hospitality industry’s income and hence, these hotels keep coming up with unique combinations of traditional comforts as well as modern day attractions.

10 Best Hotel Rewards Program For Business Travelers

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With traveling now becoming a way of life, the 10 best hotel rewards for business travelers are directed towards making their guests feel at home. For example, many of these hotels provide free ironing and free shoe polishing, while some of them provide food according to their guests’ unique dietary requirements.

The hotel industry has rapidly grown over the last five years. According to IBISWorld, the industry is predicted to grow 3% annually through 2022. According to a study by PwC, loyalty programs are effective tools not only for retaining brand value but also a brand’s customer base. Today there is immense competition in this field and hoteliers are fighting to remain relevant, requiring the development of member-focused marketing strategies to keep smart and tech-savvy business travelers engaged.

Over the next few pages we’ll share with you the 10 best hotel rewards for business travelers, which is based on data compiled from various sources like Travel + Leisure and Travel USnews.com, so you can find out which hotels offer travelers the best rewards programs. These are ranked based upon the number of reward points guests receive for every dollar spent. Now, let’s see our list of best hotel rewards program for business travelers.