10 Awesome YouTube Channels to Subscribe

On rainy days, when nothing else is going on, you just need 10 Awesome YouTube Channels to Subscribe to. A mindless pursuit to get your mind off of life’s cares. The Top 10 Funniest YouTube Channels in 2015 might help as well.

YouTube is an incredibly helpful invention. It provides tutorials on almost anything, songs, comedy and other entertainment for a worldwide audience. And did you know that it was created just short of a decade ago in 2005? It’s now one of Google’s subsidiaries and allows users to upload, share, rate, view, and comment on videos. Its ad program has turned amateurs into sensations and bored teens into successful entrepreneurs who make money doing what they love, some of whom are included in our list below.

10 Awesome YouTube Channels to Subscribe

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We searched for similar lists of most interesting YouTube channels, and then we decided to list a few channels that would cater to any and all personality type, from brainiac to musician. There’s how to’s, cooking tips and just plain hilarity in many of these, with a little beauty and music thrown in. Into beat-boxing? You’ll love number 3. Spanish comedy? Number 6 will have you rolling. Or, if all you’re in need of is some practical knowledge about how to do things (number 10) or “how stuff works” (number 1), you’re also in luck.

No matter your taste, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the 10 awesome YouTube channels to subscribe to. So grab the popcorn and let’s get started.