10 Awesome Remixes of Hit Songs From 90s

Calling all the 90s kids for a major nostalgia trip as we discover some of the most awesome remixes of hit songs from 90s! Remixes are often frowned upon by the skeptical music buffs and we cannot deny it the art has been quite abused by every amateur DJ trying their hands at it. But, we still cannot generalize as sometimes pure geniuses have also been produced by some genius producers who have taken the art of remixing to another plane. Here, we will be looking at some of those tracks which have even given their originals a run for their money.

The 90s were indeed a glorious time for music. We’ve seen some of the best artists coming up during the time and making it big commercially. From pop, rock to R&B, all genres saw some of the best music being produced. Of course, the 90s babies will be agreeing with us on this! And the remixes we will be hearing out today, also cover a vast area with genres. The remixes as well as the originals belong to different categories but really made it big at the time.



In the 90s remixing was big. Most record labels would mandatorily get the popular tracks remixed and included in the artist albums itself. However, lately the art of remixing has somehow lost its glory and covers have been catching up a lot of attention. I’d say, covers are great as the artists have greater creative freedom and expression over them. But, remixing is trickier because the producers are faced with the task of sticking to the dynamics of the song, keeping the original essence intact and yet creating a different product that essentially sounds different than other remixes.

Contrary to popular belief all remixes aren’t created just by adding loops and sprinkling a bit of dubstep in the mix. Some awesome remixes of hit songs from 90s we’ll be checking out today are the most thoughtfully created by some of the greatest music producers there have been! And, after exhausting this batch, if you feel like remixes might just be your thing, do also lend an ear to The 20 Best Remixes of Popular Songs That Will Make You Forget the Originals.

Now, let’s start with our new list of 10 awesome remixes of hit song form 90s: