The 20 Best Remixes of Popular Songs that Will Make You Forget the Originals

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Best Remixes of Popular Songs: Performing versions of existing songs is not a new practice in the music world; it’s called covering, as most of you already know. However, over the past couple of decades, a new way of reinterpreting popular tunes has emerged: remixes. Unlike previous practices, remixing implies using the original song, sung by the original artist (although the song CAN be a version of another one written or previously interpreted by somebody else), and modifying or editing it in a way that it sounds different, but is still essentially the same song.

One Hit Wonders of the 90s

Remixes seem to be here to stay. While some amazing songs have been simply destroyed by untalented “mixers,” others have just acquired a whole new dimension and become perhaps even better than the originals.

Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t conduct a countdown stating which one is the absolute best. All of these songs deserve to be heard at least once, and danced to at least once, too. So, let’s take a look at some of the best remixes of popular songs, in no particular order.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Shook Remix)


Although the original song is already great, this remix just overhauls it. Feel energetic, or in need of some energy? Turn the volume up and get your dancing shoes ready! Like the lyrics say: “Lisztomania. Think less but see it grow.”


Keep reading to find out which are the best remixes of popular songs ever scratched out.

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