Top 8 Jobs That Do Not Require a University Degree

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Jobs That Do Not Require a University Degree: Almost without exception, we have all grown up hearing that education is the single most important factor for success. While it is certainly true that, on average, people who further their studies end up earning more money than those without a college degree, you can still make a pretty decent living if you choose against attending a four-year higher education institution. We would like to present you with a list of the top 8 jobs that do not require a university degree. The figures used in the ranking of these professions were taken from the statistics issued by the US Bureau of Labor. All of the jobs listed in our top 8 require just a high school degree. In some cases, an associate’s degree or additional training pertaining to the line of work might also be required. The great news is that these jobs can’t easily turn into a career that will offer you a good salary. In addition, opportunities for employment growth also exist.

The professions listed in the following countdown were ranked according to three indicators: the average salary, the median salary, and the outlook. The average salary is, mathematically speaking, the average between the highest and the lowest salary paid for that specific profession. The median salary refers to the salary at which half of employees in that particular field earned more and half earned less. Salaries are considered on a yearly basis. When trying to estimate the actual amount of money you will be making in a certain field, it is more reliable to base your assumptions on the median salary, rather than the average one. The outlook is a percentage referring to the overall evolution of a specific profession and it corresponds to the opportunities an individual has for growth in a certain domain.

The best profession for someone without a college degree seems to be that of a web developer. The median salary for this profession is $75,600 per year ($6,300 per month or $36.76 per hour). The top 10% web developers can earn as much as $105,200 per year. Although a four-year degree is not required for most web developers, there is some training involved for anyone wishing to occupy a position in this field.

Curious to see what other professions have made the list? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

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