The 10 Highest Paying Sporting Events in the World

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Highest paying sporting events: Since the beginning of mankind, sporting events have represented an important element of everyday life. With the advent of the media and the various channels, such as TV, newspapers, and the Internet, that allow millions of people to tune into one sporting event or another, prizes for winning these competitions have also risen quite considerably.

We would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the ten highest paying sporting events in the world. The events were ranked according to the amount of money paid to the winner and only annual, bi-annual, or quadrennial events were included in the countdown. It is in a style similar to our coverage of the strangest sports stories on record.

The best paying sport in the world?


Coincidence or not, it is also the most popular sport outside the US border, where it is commonly referred to as football. Four out of the top 5 events in our countdown are soccer tournaments. And by taking a quick look at them, it is more than obvious that European people really love their soccer – 3 out of these 4 tournaments are held on the continent. In the US, the highest paying sporting event is the World Series, with a prize of $19 million for the winner.

Curious to see who else has made the list? Let’s take a look at the countdown of the highest paying sporting events:

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