Top 8 Historical Sites To Visit In Mexico

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While it might be better known for its beaches, there are certainly many historical sites to visit in Mexico. While you may want to chill out and soak up the sun all day, we encourage you to check out Mexico’s incredible temples and structures that are dotted throughout the country. Many of the sites might be familiar as you have likely seen them in pictures or on TV, but there’s so much more! In fact, it would take a book to list all the phenomenal and important historical sights that Mexico offers.

While you’re checking out the best places to visit in Mexico that are beautiful and safe, you are sure to see the many historical sites to visit in Mexico, too. There’s really nothing that beats wandering through ancient sites that were built in a time that you can even fathom in your mind. Think about the people and the tools they had then and how they could have erected such mindblowing buildings that are still standing today. In fact, there are some sights that aren’t even fully excavated, so even today, we are still learning about these early civilizations that have helped shaped what Mexico is today.

Some of the sights have museums to check out to better understand the history here. Be sure to check these out so you can get the true understanding of the great buildings that you are standing before or at the least do a bit of research. It will certainly impact the way you see and understand the humbling buildings.

The temples, pyramids, and structures you will see listed here are just the tip of an iceberg, or should I say Mayan pyramid. Here are some of the most popular and a few of the lesser known ancient sights that you can “ooh and ahh” over between your beach sessions, fiestas, and Mexican feasts. Enjoy your historical exploring in the fantastic country of Mexico.

8. Teotihuacan

Located just 25 miles outside Mexico City is the incredible archeological site of Teotihuacan. The complex has many features including a pyramid-like structure which has been devoted to the sun and the moon. As you wander around you will also come across murals, carvings, and museums to understand more of the rich history that happened at this once biggest city in the world.


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