Top 8 Biggest Charities in the US

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What are the biggest charities in the US? Philanthropic endeavors, while they might not put an end to world hunger or bring about international peace anytime soon, help make the environment we live in a better place. While most of us try to do our parts by helping out as much as we can here and there, large charities across the globe handle donations worth millions of dollars, meant for a multitude of causes, from promoting education, feeding the poor, or aiding the disabled.

Biggest Charities in USA

Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 8 biggest charities in the US, ranked according to the amount of donations handled by each institution in 2013.  This list is from Forbes. Most of these charities aren’t among the wealthiest. In terms of the size of the endowment Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (you can check out Bill Gates’ Foundation here) is the biggest charity in US. It has nearly $35 billion. Warren Buffett has been donating some of his wealth over the past few years and he will keep doing so. The second biggest US charity in terms of the size of endowment is Howard Hughes Medical Center with $16 billion.

Ford Foundation and J Paul Getty Trust are also among foundations with more than $10 billion in endowments. The fifth largest charity in the US is Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with $9 billion in endowment assets. Let’s check out the ranking of biggest charities by donations:

No. 8: American Cancer Society

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the American Cancer Society is the largest charity in the US that was designed for a single illness. In the past year, it has raised about $890 million in gifts from generous donors.

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