Top 7 Construction Companies in France

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Why should anyone care about the top 7 construction companies in France?  If I say ‘French architecture,’ you may come back at me with the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, or perhaps even the Channel Tunnel, an underwater marvel that connects France to the United Kingdom.  When we think about construction though, we don’t often take into account the slightly less-flashy projects that, while a bit more mundane, are infinitesimally more vital to the functioning of any heavily-populated area.  

Think about the roads and highways you drive on, the ports our trade ships pull into, the office buildings out of which we work, and the residential spaces that we call home.  After architects have finished the blueprints for each of these endeavors, all of these bits of infrastructure were brought to life by construction companies, many of whom go unnoticed in such roles.  

7 Largest Construction Companies in France

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France is no exception to this rule.  With a rapidly-rebounding construction sector that continues to gain momentum by the day, French construction firms are playing an increasingly active role in the development of infrastructure throughout the nation.  At a glance, here’s a look at the industry in the past year alone:

  • According to the French Builders Association FFB (Federation Francaise du Batiment), French construction activity grew in volume by 1.9% in 2016;
  • Residential construction activity saw a 7.4% increase from the previous year; and
  • Construction activity is expected to enjoy a 3.4% increase in 2017, due in large part to growth in output of commercial and residential construction.

Taking this positive news and encouraging projections into account, sideline spectators might pose the question: Who are these construction firms forming the engine that’s driving the French infrastructural rebound?  Great question, sideline spectator; I’m glad you asked.  You see, we were wondering the same thing.  Naturally, then, we did a bit of digging.

Compiling a list of Europe’s major construction players, for starters, and sifting through that list as a means of extracting just the companies from France, we ended up with a preliminary shortlist of l’ile’s most prominent building businesses.  From there, we utilized four diagnostic metrics–revenue, net income, employee count, and market capitalization– which we believe to be indicative of company size, to pare the list down even further to the crème de la crème of contractors and construction firms.  Each company was ranked in each category, with the scores from all categories aggregated.  The higher a company was ranked in any respective category, the lower their aggregate scores would be.  Those firms with the lowest overall scores were the ones that made the final cut among the top 7 construction companies in France.  Check out our list of France’s usual suspects in bridge building, path paving, compound construction, and road renovation, and when you’re done with that, have a gander at the Biggest Construction Companies in Europe to see where these French firms fall in the grand scheme of things.

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