Top 6 Best Cheap Acquisitions Made by Google

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Google has been known to shell out billions for the companies it wants, but it has also made quite a few deals, including some that fit the top 6 best cheap acquisitions list. Don’t be fooled by the price tag, though — most of these are pretty awesome and you’re probably still using them nowadays, either in their original form or through the various features Google “borrowed” into their own similar products. The fact remains that they’ve become core products in Google.

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The process is usually the same as with expensive acquisitions. Google thinks about launching a product and combs the market for what other companies and teams are doing in the same vein. Their original products draw inspiration from competition, but sometimes it makes sense to acquire the intellectual property of another company’s work in progress. This type of acquisitions has often been dubbed “acquihires” because they’re actually looking to bring in not only a certain service or product but also the brains behind it.

Unlike many other acquisitions, you can still say about these ones that they are part of “Google” since they are core businesses underneath the company that still bears this name. Following the biggest reorganization in the company’s history, Google Inc. has turned in Alphabet Inc. a few months ago. Alphabet Inc. swallowed up Google, who in turn continues to cover its many products, including Android, YouTube, Maps and Search. In addition to Google, under Alphabet Inc. you can also find home automation company Nest, the moonshot specialists from Google X, as well as others.

This is great because the company shelled out quite a few bucks over the years to become so versatile and you can even check out the 12 most expensive acquisitions ever made by Google.

Take a look at our list of some of the best cheap acquisitions Google has ever made that we’re still using nowadays.

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