Top 5 States For Human Trafficking In America

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Below you can find the top 5 states for human trafficking in America. We divided number of reported number of human trafficking cases (learned via phone calls, text, email, online chat, and tips) by the population of each state to determine the worst states for human trafficking. Otherwise, the most populated states would have been at the top of this list.

5. Texas

Texas has the second highest number of cases in America in 2019 (1080 reported cases), and is only saved by the fact that the rate of human trafficking in the state is surpassed by several others.

4. Ohio

Even though Ohio has a human trafficking task force, it has still not been quite successful in eradicating the criminal empire. There were a total of 450 cases reported in Ohio in 2019.

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3. Georgia

Over 400 cases were reported in 2019 in Georgia, while a rate of nearly 4 people trafficked per 100,000 has it earn an unwanted 3rd place in our list.

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