Top 5 Hotel Chains Preferred by Cheating Couples

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We don’t recommend cheating, but if you must, then don’t do it in a car or your home — instead chose one of these top 5 hotel chains preferred by cheating couples.

There are many ways to cheat on your partner. Two main ones were always emotional and physical, but in the last decade, and you won’t believe it, online cheating has become a real thing. Two adults who are married or have partners become emotionally attached and develop feelings for each other. Emotional cheating rarely stays that way. During the time it evolves into a physical form of cheating. This form often includes a sexual relationship, but it can also be limited to other ways of physical contacts and is overall called adultery. To find out where adulterous people mostly reside, check out 10 most adulterous countries in the world.

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Now, we know this thing about online cheating is bugging you. You may ask yourself, how is this different than emotional cheating? Well, the thing is that some people consider watching pornography by their partner cheating as well. Other forms of online cheating include exchanging nude photos with someone other than your partner on the internet, chatting with someone and showing romantic emotional attachment and sexting of course. Sexting, a newly coined term, means exchanging messages that have sexual connotations or explicit photos with someone other than your partner. The thing is, this can’t be applied to every case, since people have different views on things that are considered cheating.

Our focus here is physical cheating, and places where cheating couples do it. To find out the top 5 hotel chains preferred by cheating couples we went for the opinion of cheaters themselves. Some of most famous online cheating sites AshleyMadison, which was in the center of a great scandal after its database of members leaked online, and IllicitEncounters, did a survey among its members to find out which hotel chain do they prefer. We gave hotel chains points from 1 to 10 on both lists, summing them up into our Cheat Score.

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