10 Most Adulterous Countries In The World

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With so many online dating websites and hookup dating apps, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a percentage of adultery is raising in 10 most adulterous countries in the world. It seems like a lot of people are cheating on their partners but they still feel uncomfortable talking about it; some couples stay together after adultery and some immediately divorce. People start to feel unloved and unwanted in their marriages, lonely or incomplete, so they decide to find somebody else.

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In some of the most adulterous countries, like France, for example, adultery is raising since the seventies, from 19% to 43% in 2015. Studies have shown that there might be a gene related to infidelity (Hasse Walum in “The proceedings  of the National Academy of Sciences). The scientists say that infidelity is not always a signal of an unhappy relationship. It simply happens everywhere and to various people; everybody knows it is wrong to do it, but still can not stop doing it. Especially in some of 8 countries that cheat the most.

People sometimes admit adultery, but also say that they are still in love with their spouses. Well, this seems to be true, because the scientists say that humans have more than one system related to love in their brain architecture: sex drive, romantic love and partner attachment. So, it is therefore biologically possible to be in love with someone and still somehow cheat on her/him!

But what countries are the most unfaithful? And how do we find that out, since not everybody will admit adultery, not even in an anonymous research? We spent some time reading about adultery on the number of sites, such as the Independent, Statista, Mirror, TrendingFeeds, and so on. Since the list of  10 most adulterous countries in the world were the same from every source we could find, we discovered that their source was the survey conducted by Durex and hookup websites, where the people were interviewed about the adultery. Curious to find out what were their answers and what is the most unfaithful country in the world? Stay with us, as we are about to show you the list of 10 most adulterous countries in the world.

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