Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Celebrities Made on Twitter

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Here are the top 5 biggest mistakes celebrities made on Twitter you should definitely avoid doing (especially if you yourself are a celebrity – or trying to become one!)

Sure, technology had been booming these past few years. You can now connect to people who are thousands miles away from you and talk to them via Skype, or by simply using your cellphone. You can now have instant friendship with Facebook, instant pictures via Instagram, instant updates of celebrities on Twitter. But do you know what else is instant? Instant celebrity mistakes on Twitter which just can’t help but go shamefully viral each and every day!


Some people have this preconceived notion that their idols, beloved actresses, actors, models, sports icons, and celebrities are perfect human beings who are blameless. Little do they know that celebrity or not – everyone is meant to do something utterly rash which would cost them some haters, critiques, and even some huge pile of money! Be sure not to skip our list of 9 celebrities who lost it in public, too.

There’s no wonder why these people add up to those celebrities who have damaged their very own careers by their own doing!

You have probably heard about several celebrity Twitter mistakes like a dozen of times already. But I’d bet you haven’t heard about the worst ones yet; so here are top 5 biggest mistakes celebrities made on Twitter:

5. Martha Stewart’s Ipad troubles

Have you ever heard about those crazy celebrity epic fails in which your idols just can’t help but make a complete fool of themselves, not only in front of a small crowd, but unfortunately the whole wide world? Well, dear Martha is definitely one of the celebrities on Twitter who have done that exact thing!

Back in September 25, 2013, Martha Stewart had her iPad damaged and practically shared it via Twitter, asking if she should call Apple so that a sales representative would come by her house and pick up the broken iPad. Good luck to that! Haha!

On the next day, Martha posted that she was still waiting for a representative to come by her house. And of course no representative came! As if there was any surprise to that. Whatever Martha. Even the president has to send someone to an Apple service center to fix his iPad, you know!

Martha, after receiving negative comments and some bashing, eventually posted that she was just kidding and was just trying to make a joke out of her broken iPad.

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