Top 5 American Boarding Schools in Europe

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Today’s list will guide you through the top 5 American boarding schools in Europe, as we researched international educational facilities across the European continent. Boarding schools are the practice of education that has been invented and used in the UK from the beginning and got spread across the world in recent times. At first, people didn’t like the option to send their children to the schools where they won’t come back until the end of the semester. However, there are many advantages of this type of education: students get independent and start developing working habits. Simply – living in a community imposes new obligations. So, eventually they get more mature overall.

In some societies this practice was accepted earlier, and some went conservative about it. Those who accepted the practice sent their children, mostly boys, earlier to the boarding schools. Military and Christian schools had more success converting the doubtful parents to supporters of the boarding school practice of education. Another reason for doubting this system was their price – take a look at the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world to see how high these rates can go. Scholarships were developed to improve the attendance of the boarding schools, and stimulate the students to achieve results. This system gets more and more accepted by the day, and boarding facilities keep spreading.


Today we list the top 5 American boarding schools with their foundations on European continent – some of those schools went popular and successful that their abroad facilities were opened in Europe, and others are European from the start. Let’s dive in.

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