15 Smartest Countries in Math

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These 15 smartest countries in math are the ones that crunch numbers the most. Math is one of the subjects that many consider somewhat obscure. It is a specialized field as not everyone can excel in numbers and logic. Math also has very little visual applications except for numbers. Other definitive applications fall in other fields like chemistry and physics. Deeper math even gets more complicated as one tackles probabilities, differentials, unknown numbers, among other things. Math requires a lot of calculation and logic to understand. Most of us are not aware of the fact that math is responsible for most of the things we have today.

Everything requires math to a certain degree, there are many ways math can be utilized. Even the computers we enjoy are a product of hardworking mathematicians and scientists. Not everyone can handle or comprehend complex math so it takes brilliant minds to be able to work to such a degree. You’ll notice that the list of The 34 Smartest Countries in the World coincide with the countries listed here. You may even say that a lot of them are competing to be the top dog in math.

What countries do you think makes the top 15 in the world of math? It’s time to do your computations and test the averages. We’ll find out more as we got through this list:

15. Poland

A few years ago, Poland was known as a country of culture and the arts. They had a deep desire to excel more in the fields of science and mathematics that led them to where they are now. They are now considered one of the countries that excel the most in the mathematical field.


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