The 8 Best Places to Visit in Latvia Before You Die

Latvia is a great nation with vast forests, scenic nature and sandy beaches and that is why we had to compile this list of the best places to visit in Latvia before you die. It is a country with hospitable people, modern cities and a serene countryside.  Tourists from all the over the world can feel safe in Latvia and find things that interest them. Latvia also has a vibrant historical heritage, and unhurried holidays in this country will enable you to appreciate all this country has to offer.

The citizens of Latvia are cheerful, friendly and hospitable towards visitors. They are able to easily get on and interact with different people from across the world. In fact, Latvian citizens treat other people’s culture including Scandinavian, Western and Slavic with understanding and respect. The togetherness of the people makes this destination very safe.

Alexander Tihonov/

Alexander Tihonov/

Latvia is also a modern European country, with its modern capital city known as Riga, where there is a historical architecture that is found in Europe that alternates with a modern way of life. Visitors experience the amazing aura of Latvia’s historic culture while relaxing in modern restaurants, night clubs and comfy hotels.

It is good to note that a key reason why many people are now visiting Latvia is due to its largely untapped nature. There is no other place in Europe that one can experience 500km sandy beaches, with 45% of Latvia being under natural forests. This creates the opportunity for a variety of recreational activities in nature, which are all accessible to the public. Once you are through with your Latvia tour, you can also check out some surreal places to visit in China before you die.

Latvia is known for having the opportunity for private holidays, undisturbed by any person. Its recreation sites are not usually overcrowded. This is because there are sufficient tourist locations and lots of space to have fun. From almost empty beaches to vibrant populated beaches, there is always something to do in the best places to visit in Latvia before you die.