Top 25 Richest Counties in America in 2018

If you are discouraged about all your holiday spending, maybe a read through our list of top 25 richest counties in America in 2018 will inspire you. It’s fun to dream, anyway.

One day it could be you, after all, living in what is the richest county in the United States, without a thought toward your spending habits. Of course, we aren’t saying that everyone in these counties is extremely well-off. As with most statistics, these ones speak very generally. But most citizens living in these counties are still doing pretty well financially, because the rankings below are mainly based on median annual income within a county. And you might be surprised by some of the numbers we mention. From the northeast to the southwest, even down to Texas and up to Illinois, America really does consist of some counties that certainly aren’t hurting for money. Oftentimes, this also means that the cost of living in these towns is rather expensive as well, so don’t just go moving there expecting to become rich automatically. In most cases, you’ll need to be rich in order to survive. But that’s beside the point.

Top 25 Richest Counties in America in 2018

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But especially this time of year, remember that wealth isn’t everything, and everyone has a different definition of it. Some of the richest people can often be some of the most unhappy, so don’t be too jealous of them. The greatest riches are often intangible. Think love, family, peace, and creativity. And even though those virtues don’t pay the bills (too bad), you can be grateful even if that’s all you have to speak of. At least try to reassure yourself with this knowledge.

To form our rankings, we consulted the following reputable lists of richest counties and cities in America: Forbes’s Top 10 Richest Counties in America 2017, World Atlas’s Richest Counties in the United States, Wealth Management’s 10 Wealthiest Counties in the United States, World’s Top Most’s Richest Counties in the USA, After Downing Street’s Richest Cities in the US, Forbes’s Hunterdon County Among Top Richest in America, Think Advisor’s 20 of the Richest Places in America, 247 Wall Street’s America’s Richest Cities, Bloomberg’s 2017 Hundred Richest Places, and MSN’s America’s Richest Cities. And don’t worry, these were all recently written lists of top 25 richest counties in America 2017 and 2016 and written no earlier, so they prove great resources for our list of top 25 richest counties in America in 2018. Each time a specific county was mentioned on one of the lists above, we gave it one point and formed our list from there. Additionally, each time a city was mentioned as the richest, we also gave one point to the county that city resides in. For instance, the above article of 2017 Hundred Richest Places in America gave us a list of top 100 richest counties in America after we did a little research. But if you’re curious about the exact methodology of each list above, just click on their links to find out.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the financial status of different American cities, check out 25 Poorest Cities in America in 2017. On the contrary, according to Bloomberg’s list of 100 richest places in America, we already mentioned, the richest towns in America in 2017 are Atherton, California, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado and Scarsdale, New York. As for the richest states in America, Alaska, New Jersey and Maryland are at the very top.

Other than that, here goes! Our list of the top 25 richest counties in America in 2018, featuring both the richest counties in California and the richest counties in Maryland. We are starting off with last three counties which share the 23rd place.