7 Countries that Produce the Best Soccer Players in the World

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Soccer is a beautiful game and these 7 countries that produce the best soccer players in the world are among the most credited for that fact. There is a saying in the world of soccer: “Everybody now knows to play well”. That is a fact; there has never been fiercer competition. For example, in the past, there were countries that didn’t have good players competing on the highest level. Now, almost every country is strong enough to make a difference on the soccer field.

Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain were always the soccer’s most appreciated countries. They had the best leagues, the best players and the best national squads. Now, some of these countries are not as strong as they used to be. This isn’t because they have become weaker; it’s because the others have become stronger.

Take U.S.A. for example. Soccer was never popular there in the past. NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA were always ahead, and soccer was left for the rare enthusiasts. Now U.S.A. woke up, and there is much more interest in soccer. Their clubs are bringing some of the greatest football stars from Europe, and the stadiums are packed with viewers.

This is why it’s harder to determinate 7 countries that produce the best soccer players in the world than 7 countries that produce the most engineers in the world. The times are changing rapidly, and you can’t tell who will produce the next superstar in soccer because it could be anyone. We decided to bring together old glory with the new one. We took FIFA’s 100 best players of all time completed by arguably the best player who ever played the game, Pele (no offense Maradona). Our second source was 100 best football players in 2015 made by a panel of 123 experts from 49 nations for The Guardian. Each country received one point for every player on both lists, and after summing up the score, we got the definitive ranking of countries that produce the best soccer players. Enjoy.

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