Top 15 Emerging Companies In India

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With a GDP of $2.89 trillion and population of over 1.3 billion, India remains one of the biggest economies in the world with huge growth prospects. Despite the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis which caused the country’s economy to shrink by as much as 15%, India is set to surpass leading economies of the world over the next few years. According to a report by Deloitte, double-digit growth is expected for the Indian economy in 2022 based on the firm’s best-case scenario as the economy begins to come back to normal.

The report said that the top 10 income percentile of the Indian population is starting to spend more on elastic discretionary goods, which could rekindle growth of the private investment sector which had started to shrink following the coronavirus crisis. The report also added that the liquidity measures taken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are also expected to boost the economy.

In January, a report by U.K.-based data analytics firm GlobalData estimated that the Indian economy is expected to grow at 9.7% in 2021, faster than all of the world’s major economies. The firm said this growth is backed by a massive increase in foreign direct investments, or FDI, Indian PM Narendra Modi’s $266 billion stimulus package and falling COVID-19 cases in the country.

Still a Lucrative Market

According to Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Indian economy shrank by 9.3% during 2020. However, analysts at the IMF have predicted that its growth rate will remain above 7% in 2021 which indicates that investors and corporations around the world would still find India a lucrative market to invest in.

“Although there are many heavyweights in India such as Reliance (NSE: RELIANCE) and Tata (NSE: TATAMOTORS), there is a huge emergence of successful and multi-billion-dollar startups. Most of the startups are concentrated in the e-commerce and software development sector. The latest figures put the Indian population at 1.366 billion. According to Columbia business school, the Indian middle class will grow to almost 583 million people or 41 percent of the total population. So, an increasing consumer market will lead to rapid growth in the shares of these companies’ profits. That is why investment firms and corporations looking to invest in the growing economy of India should pay close attention to these companies.”

Top 15 Emerging Companies in India

India-UK tech summit

India, The Golden Bird

Right now, India has one of the most diverse and qualified workforce in the world. Corporations like IBM (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) hire thousands of Indians due to their acumen in management, technology, and financial subjects. Besides, many of these tech giants are being led by Indians  such as Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella. India has emerged as an increasingly competitive market in the South Asian region. When Indian markets were de-regularized, it was thought that India would only be relying on multi-national corporations for fulfilling consumer demands. However, with the rise of e-commerce startups like Flipkart, Indian companies have now started to gain ground and become highly competitive as compared to their international counterparts.

Top 15 Emerging Companies In India

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Our Ranking Criteria For Top Emerging Companies in India

The list of new startups in a country on the verge of the social internet boom is a long one but we have devised the following strategy in order to rank these companies. It will serve as a guideline for potential investors and will offer a different perspective in making investments and informed decisions.

Employment growth

Employment growth is a measure of new employees entering the organization as well as indicating the growth in the size and scale of a company and its expansion.

Social Impact

Social impact is one of the major components for an emerging company’s success. Bringing in a new product, service or trend indicates a social impact. For example, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) created a huge social impact when the online streaming service introduced a new way of accessing content.

Funding & Investment

Many emerging companies and startups rely on seed funding as well as capital from investors and venture capitalists. It is also an important parameter to assess an emerging company’s future and profitability that can be gained in terms of ROI in the future.

Global Footprint

The last factor which determines any company or startup’s potential is the level of its global footprint. Companies which operate exclusively in India are slightly disadvantaged. Although India has a massive consumer base, we believe a company needs to defy borders to scale and grow.

Let’s start our list of top 15 emerging companies in India.

15) CoWrks

CoWrks is a real estate company that provides co-working space for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers. It has a wide variety of offices and workspaces spread throughout India in locations such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc. CoWrks was founded in 2016 and is all set to fulfill the space demands for Indian entrepreneurs and startups.

14) Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is a furniture and decoration retailer based out of Bangalore. With both online and offline platforms, Urban Ladder has grown into a multimillion-dollar startup and has received funding of more than $130 million since its inception. Urban ladder is owned by Reliance Retail, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries.

13) Zomato

Founded in 2008 by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal, Zomato is a restaurant aggregator and food delivery startup. It has a huge aggregation of restaurants on its website. It provides services in more than 24 countries and across 10,000 cities. The company is currently valued at around $1 billion. Its revenue as of 2019 is about $208 million.

12) Udaan

Ranking 12th on our list of top 15 emerging companies in India is Udaan. It is a B2B ecommerce company based in Bangalore. The company was founded by Flipkart veterans Sujeet Kumar, Amod Malviya and Vaibhav Gupta. The company picks up items in wholesale from sellers and manufacturers  and delivers them throughout the country. The company also offers credit lines to consumers and small businesses.

11) InMobi

InMobi is a Bangalore-based technology company that operates across five continents and provides services related to mobile marketing and advertising. The company has generated over $215 million, making it one of the most successful startups in the list of emerging companies in India. InMobi has been backed by many venture capitalists’ firms, billionaires as well as Soft Bank, which highlights its promise for growth and potential for a profitable return of investment.

10) LogiNext

Ranking 10th on our list of top 15 emerging companies in India is LogiNext. LogiNext is a SaaS company based in Mumbai. It provides logistics management and field service operations for tech companies and operates in a similar manner to Dropbox (NASDAQ: DBX). It has received more than $50 million from Stead view capital and Tiger Global. The company reported that its revenue grew by more than 152% in 2018. Its logistic management software provides data analytics, warehouse management as well as tracking services.

9) Delhivery

Delhivery is a Delhi-based startup focusing on shipping and logistics. It has garnered more than $900 million from venture firms and financial institutions such as SoftBank and Fosun International. It currently employees more than 40,000 people across India.  Delhivery can process more than a million parcels in a single day.

8) Lendingkart

Lendingkart is a lending company that uses its online platform and data analytics to provide capital for entrepreneurs and startups. Lendingkart provides loans at a lower interest rate and has disbursed more than a hundred thousand loans to various businesses. It helped establish more than 89000 businesses and operates in more than 1300 cities across India. The company provides loans of up to INR 30 million and has launched various initiatives to help women entrepreneurs.

7) Oren Hydrocarbons

Drilling operations for oil and gas exploration require different types of lubricants and chemicals. Oren Hydrocarbons operates in this sector. One in every 20 wells being drilled is using Oren Hydrocarbon’s products. With an estimated market of more than $12 billion, Oren plans to dominate the market and also diversify into the green energy market.

6) Wow! Momo

Wow! Momo is a fast-food chain based in Kolkata. Started by college friends at the age of 21, Wow! Momo has grown into a very successful brand with operations covering major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. It employs more than 3500 people and has annual revenue exceeding $18 million. Wow! Momo has been funded by several investment firms such as Tiger Global. The company aims to grow into an international brand and give tough competition to McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and KFC (NYSE: YUM).

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