Top 15 Critically Endangered Languages in India

India is a country with many languages threatened with extinction, due to the fact they were not transmitted from generation to generation, which is why we bring you the list of the top 15 critically endangered languages in India.

Being one of the main forms of identity, language is inevitably the focus of many surveys, especially in the cases where there are very few people who speak it. It is a sad fact that one language can easily disappear or become critically endangered, especially when its speakers reach the certain age, without leaving it to younger generations. This may enormously affect one society, and if you want to get to know more about it on the global level, don’t forget to check the list of 10 Endangered Languages in the World.

Top 15 Critically Endangered Languages in India


According to UNESCO, there is a strict classification system in order to portray the current status of a language, and it ranges from being in the vulnerable category to being completely extinct. However, the group of critically endangered languages stands for those languages where the speakers are grandparents and older who did not transmit the language to their children or grandchildren, and even they speak it partially or occasionally.

In order to provide the exact data about the languages in India that are critically endangered, we examined the whole list that UNESCO provided regarding the languages from all over the world of every category, and identified the critically endangered languages from India, further classifying it according to the number of speakers. Let’s find out more about these 15 critically endangered languages in India.