Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

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This list of the 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World will give you an idea about how much of being “free” does each citizen of a country is entitled to, at least with regards to passports. A passport is a legal document issued by a government to validate one’s identity and allow its citizens to travel other countries under its protection. Most of us dream to visit as many places as we can, so a “powerful passport” can of course, help us with this matter.

They are ranked based on:

The number of countries the bearer of the passport is allowed to visit Visa-free.
The minimum number of work hours required to acquire one
The passport cost
The duration of time the document is valid for.

While we live is a world full of convenience for information and data transfer and the internet, a 3 x 5 inch paper booklet called the passport still carries a lot of “weight”. Majority of immigrants will think that a U.S passport can give them the most number of access to different countries, but this is not the reality as of now. USA, though being in the list with the most powerful passports in the world, just could not steal the top spot. The number of countries allowed for visa-free entry reflects the relationship of a country to another country, sometimes called as geopolitics and a country’s stature to the rest of the world.


 With the latest research conducted by the transportation search and comparison site GoEuro and taking these factors into consideration, a British passport has been touted as one of the most useful passports in the world as it allows its bearer to visit 173 countries, visa-free and for the cost of just £73. Surprisingly, USA allows its bearer to visit only 172 countries with a £16 more costly. The research resulted in the list of 10 of the most powerful passports in the world.

 If traveling is your hobby or that you do it often and you are citizen in one of the most powerful countries listed in the previous article, then chances are you have so much travel freedom than any other people from other Nations. Getting a visa is a long process and usually takes months to be approved, though this should not hinder anyone from traveling anywhere in the World, the convenience of being allowed to travel without visa is wanted by so many people, and for a good reason.

 Is your country’s passport powerful enough to be in this list? Let’s find out in this list of the top 10 most powerful passports in the world:

10. Liechtenstein – can visit 159 countries.

Liechtenstein may not sound familiar to you but holding a passport of it entitles you access to 159 countries without a visa. It is a “microstate” in Central Europe, generally German speaking and is headed by a monarchical type of government. According to a qualitative definition, microstates are: “modern protected states, i.e. sovereign states that have been able to unilaterally depute certain attributes of sovereignty to larger powers in exchange for benign protection of their political and economic viability against their geographic or demographic constraints.


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