Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

If you have ever stopped to consider how things get from point A to B, you might find it useful to do some digging into the top logistics companies in India.  Think, for example, about that book you ordered online.  Certainly, you click a button–order, submit, confirm, you name it–and subsequently receive a message notifying you that your parcel is on its way.  But how does the parcel actually make its way?  Does it leave some factory in the middle of nowhere and pass through a series of pneumatic tubes with Raymond Scott’s Powerhouse chiming melodically in the background?  Does it get attached to the leg of some aviary creature that, weighed down by a parcel twice its mass, painstakingly beats its wings while hopelessly trying to stay airborne?  

What about that postcard you sent to your pen pal when you were younger?  Does it get folded into a paper airplane and gracefully glide over the mountains and large bodies of water until it lands serendipitously on the window sill or doorstep of its intended recipient?  Perhaps–though highly unlikely.  Regardless, all of these different modes of transportation–of getting things from A to B–require some semblance of planning.  More specifically, they demand logistical planning, ensuring that an object–be it a book or a postcard–gets from its starting point to its destination within a given time frame as efficiently as possible.

Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

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If you think about it, even we as humans are items subject to bigger logistical chains.  Every time you travel–by plane, train, bus, boat, etc.–you’re making a decision about the point from which you’re leaving, the point at which you will end up (hopefully), and how long you would like for it to take for you to get there.  The Biggest Logistics Companies in the World exist almost exclusively to think about these processes and figure out the best way to deliver goods–and people–within a time constraint.  As economies in developing countries such as India continue to expand rapidly, you might find it worthwhile to know a bit more about some of the sub-continent’s most formidable logistics firms.

To formulate this list of top logistics companies in India, we made use of four quantitative measures–market capitalization, net sales, net profit, and total assets–to generate an all-encompassing list of major players in the logistics and transportation industry in India.  Each company was ranked by category with a ranking of one indicating top performance, two indicating second-best performance, and so on.  After rankings were completed for all categories, all scores were aggregated, and the company with the lowest overall score was awarded the top position among all logistics companies in India.  In the event of a tie between two companies, the higher position was awarded to the business with the higher rank in the most individual categories.  For example, SpiceJet and Allcargo both earned an aggregate score of 23, but because SpiceJet ranked higher in market share, net sales, and net profit, it was awarded a higher overall position than was Allcargo. And now, let’s see our list of top logistics companies in India.