Top 10 Countries with Most Promiscuous Women in the World

Have you ever wondered which the top 10 countries with most promiscuous women in the world are? Let’s check them out.

Sex is an inevitable part of the life of humans and most of the living creatures. It is an instinct that regulates and maintains populations. Yes, it is all nicely scientifically put here, but in case of humans, society plays a very important role concerning sexual activity and establishing general unwritten rules about sexuality. That is one of the reasons there are differences in sexual behavior between societies and countries in modern times as well. So, on this matter, if you are interested to find out which the most sexually liberated countries and the most sexually open-minded countries are, you can check out 15 Most Sexually Open Countries in the World.

Also, an interesting sociological and cultural question about sex could be how many times on average people have it in different countries, and we have already done such research which you can check out at 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World.

Top 10 Countries with Most Promiscuous Women in the World

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Now, on the matter of the countries with the most promiscuous women, we did not find any consistent research of course. The idea was to find the data on how many sexual partners women generally have annually or for a lifetime. But for issues like this we should always have in mind the number of countries taken into surveys and the size of the sample, which is usually rather small, and thus can be misrepresenting or misleading. But nevertheless, we have gathered some information from the places such as Global Survey of Sexual Behaviours. From Durex Global Sex Survey Results we got the information on how many partners people have in general, and then checked the info on women only for countries where the data was available in other places, such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph or CPH Post (where we also got the insight of partners people have had in one year). And in the end we ended up with a mixture of different information, so we have decided not to stick only to figures, but also on side information, we have found doing the research.

Here you will not find out some hot details, such as which country has the best female lovers for example, but rather an insight into countries with the most promiscuous women in the world. And also, once again, keep in mind the fact that this is not the ultimate picture of female promiscuity rates by country, rather a compilation of scientific and non-scientific researches and opinions on this matter. Let’s check the countries with most promiscuous women in the world according to what we have found then:

10. USA

The average number of sexual partners in the USA is 10.7, which is for 1.7 higher than the global average for both genders. And on the matter of sexual partners that women have per year in the states, that number is around 4.08, which puts the USA among top countries with the most promiscuous women.

Top 10 Countries with Most Promiscuous Women in the World

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