Top 10 Construction Companies in Australia

If you live in the “land down under” and you’re looking to build, take a look at this list of the top 10 construction companies in Australia.

I’m a big fan of infrastructure, specifically buildings and homes. It’s amazing to see what architects and construction companies can come up with, starting from a plot of dirt. Whether it’s a towering skyscraper or a family’s new home, it’s always interesting to see these visions come to life. When it comes to building things, I don’t think I would trust myself with constructing something people have to live or work in. So, it may be best for me to just stick with Ikea furniture for now. However, construction is big business in most parts of the world, especially in developed countries, and there are many talented individuals who put on a hard hat everyday. Construction definitely isn’t the safest career field out there either. According to Safe Work Australia the construction field industry had the third highest number of work-related fatalities in the country from 2003-2015 (the most recently studied period). Thinking of construction and safety always reminds me of the iconic black and white photo of the men taking a lunch break on a beam hanging high above the streets of New York City. I’d prefer to be in a fully finished building if I am going to be that high up. Even though that photo was taken during the construction of 30 Rockefeller Center in the 1930s, what they’re building now in the city makes that look small. You can find more about The Big Apple’s massive undertakings with this article on the Biggest Construction Projects in New York City.

Top 10 Construction Companies in Australia

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Australia, like many countries with a steadily growing economy is home to a vast number of construction companies that cover everything from commercial towers to single family homes. Construction is also a good indicator of a country’s economy because when the economy is good, construction is booming. On the other hand almost all construction comes to a halt during a recession or depression. Since Australia seems to be doing well enough economically, we’ll take a look at the top construction companies in Australia 2016, as 2017 is in full swing and there are no final results for that yet. Some of these companies are so good and so well respected, they are ranked on many lists of top construction companies in Australia 2015 too. A number of the companies on our list also find themselves on lists of top 40 Australian contractors as they are well-known and some of the top tier construction companies in the city.

In looking for the top construction companies in Australia, we had to check the internet for valuable and credible websites with relevant write-ups on the topic. In this case, we sourced our information from White Card Australia, Construction Global, and Sourceable. We then took every construction company appearing on all three sites and ranked them according to their size. The more employees they have, the higher they are placed on our list. The number of each company’s employees was sourced from their profiles on LinkedIn. A sizable staff means the company has a large number of projects they are completing. A company would have to be among the “top” companies to have so many projects and employees under their watch.

Get your hard hat ready for our list of top 10 construction companies in Australia.