The 10 Top Selling Smartphones in the World 2014

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Want to know which are the top selling smartphones in the world of 2014? Mobile phones, and smartphones in particular, have become a must-have device for almost everyone around the world. Let’s face it; if you leave home without your smartphone you have the feeling that you’re missing something crucial; you feel naked in a way. We do not intend to analyze nor judge the dependency we’ve developed for these smart devices, but we just want to highlight the fact that in the last decade mobile phones have gone from helpful gadgets for immediate and remote communication, to necessary items for our everyday lives.

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It is not the first time that we’ve compiled a list about Smartphones; in fact we published a list on the Top 5 Selling Smartphones of 2013 last year. However, in that ranking, we chose to analyze the top-selling smartphone manufacturers, and for this occasion we will take a look at the top-selling devices instead. And besides, as we know, the top selling brands change dramatically each year as new models hit the market, and updates to existing models come out.

In compiling this countdown we used data published by Counterpoint in the Monthly Market Pulse May 2014. For this report Counterpoint (an expert global research firm which specializes in technology products) regarded only the sales of mobile phones, without considering shipments. Summing up, this list reveals the top-selling smartphones around the world as of May 2014.

Although the data may seem outdated, particularly given the more recent releases of several notable smartphones including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, in the absence of more recent information that accurately reflects the sales of all brands, we felt this was the most relevant report. It is also a very useful tool for predicting the alterations that may be shown in future end-of-year sales reports. What smartphones will be left behind? Which new devices will appear in a future list? Will any new manufacturer make an appearance in the ranking?

As you may expect, most of the top selling smartphones in the world in 2014 are made by either Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) or Samsung. Along with these two technology giants, we have Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer that has been doing extremely well in their domestic market and has begun exporting its products around the world. Meanwhile, the remaining big-time manufacturers including Nokia, Sony, Motorola, LG and Huawei are not even present in the ranking.

The question that will remain unanswered until more recent data comes to light is that of the place of those new iPhone 6 models. Apple’s latest device has already broken a few records; with 10 million units sold in three days the iPhone 6 became the manufacturer’s best performer at release. Furthermore, the iPhone 6 is still being released in some markets worldwide, so until it has opened sales all over the globe we won’t have the exact figures to compare with the other devices on the market. Regardless, Apple fares more than well enough in the rankings even without the iPhone 6’s presence, as you’re about to see.

So, are you curious about the top selling smartphones in the world 2014 so far? Let’s take a look at the countdown and find out what they are.

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